About Immero Softworks

Immero Softworks is a Swedish based systems developer started back in mid-2009 and has since been working with customer-specific solutions. Our main focus is to provide efficient and robust solutions for companies of all sizes.





Services We Provide


Web Design

Is your web site feeling a bit old and outdated? We can help you refresh your image on the internet with a sleek, new design. Whether you want to work with open-source solutions or enterprise level CMS, we've got your back.

Mobile Solutions

We develop customer specific mobile applications for Windows, iOS and Android. Anything from simple ad-driven applications which highlights current deals and events etc, to complex data intense applications.

System Adapters

Most companies have an array of different systems for various tasks, from various vendors. It is often necessary to transfer data between these systems, but it's not always easy. We can help you with custom made adapters to optimize your workflow.

Data Management Solutions

There are many companies which have a lot of data to keep track of. A LOT of data. It can sometimes be very cumbersome to manage and work with all this data. With years of experience doing just that, we can help you create efficient and easy to use solutions for your specific needs.